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The BBS recipe thread

Because this was a pretty big hit before it was archived, too. :D And I think a lot of us are people that like to cook or want to cook!

Mine are mostly links to a particular website, but I want to offer my take on them, too.

Lime & pepper chicken wrap - pretty much perfect the way it is.

Lemony prawn and pea risotto - I normally squeeze all the lemon I can into this. Otherwise, it's good as it is!

Honey & sesame beef noodles - we have forgotten to buy sesame seeds every time. We also usually combine the honey with soy sauce to make faux-teriyaki sauce. Also sugar snap peas are the best.

Easy noodle soup - what it says. Made this when we were both sick with flu. It was amazing.

Tandoori chicken - hey, don't knock yogurt as a recipe substitution! We're trying to put as much zero-fat stuff as possible into our food. My attempt tasted pretty good. You can't even tell it's yogurt instead of cream or whatever.

Scrambled egg muffin - we don't really use a recipe but this is as good as any! We normally use pointed peppers instead of tomatoes, and often use bagels instead of breakfast muffins. Consider it a healthy alternative to a McDonalds breakfast.

Tangy tuna burgers - our variety is normally whole cook-from-frozen tuna steaks, wholemeal rolls, iceberg lettuce, avocado and either sweet chilli sauce or low-fat chilli mayonnaise. It's amazing.

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Ohhh avocados *snatch* I am so in love with avocado, seriously. I didn't use to like it very much, but then I had some in California and they blew me away. That's generally the problem with living in a place like Finland where you can naturally grow rye and potatoes and carrots and that's it... You can't really eat things like mangoes or avocados or sweetcorn here and expect it to be very good, because it's been picked raw and flown in and kept in boxes and stuff.

Meanwhile I found a recipe for peanut butter cookie bars the other day, and while I'm sure most of you have had something like that, it had me in ecstasy just reading it. Now, if I could only access any kind of peanut butter to try it out...

I have some nice baking recipes lying about that I can post once I sort them all out. Unfortunately I mostly don't have recipes for my favorite foods because I stop doing them by the book and basically just make stuff up as I go... So the recipes would end up something like "pinch of salt, a good-looking amount of butter, enough rosemary" if I just typed them out without actually trying to see how much of everything I'm using.
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