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New Themes!

Since we switched the software our board runs on, we lost all the previous and notably awesome themes Camisado had made for us. Currently, our theme selection is limited to say the least. We're slowly fixing this sad state of affairs, and are proud to release the first of the remade themes we used to have. Probably unsurprisingly to some (seeing as how I'm related to this), the new theme is the Sentret & Furret theme brought back from the dead! It's still a work in progress, but it looks nice enough to use. Mainly it's a good option for those who prefer websites with dark text on light background.

You can change your theme by going to your User CP and choosing Edit Options. Themes are under Other Options. If you try out the new theme, do tell us if you notice any mistakes or have any suggestions for improving it. We probably know of the existence of most of the mistakes (notably, the navbar is still dark gray), but we can't test everything so it would be helpful to know of all the obscure settings we may have missed.

Thanks for this theme go to Camisado - I helped a bit with choosing some colors, but she did all the hard work. Happycat

Meanwhile, suggestions for new themes or themes you absolutely need revived or you might perish from withdrawal symptoms are accepted. I make no promises of them actually appearing - I'm a complete rookie in making themes and Camisado is fairly busy - but who knows, maybe your suggestion will end up inspiring us or one of the other folks with the know-how of css and the ability to bestow new themes upon the forums.

Anyway, yes! Sentret theme! I'm sure you're all excited! I know I am.
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