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Important notice about #thebbs! Please read!

To cut right to the chase, folks, #thebbs is shutting down. This thread will walk you through all the details and hopefully answer some questions and help you prepare.

Q. When is it shutting down?
A. One week from today, meaning Saturday, February 23.

Q. Why is it shutting down?
A. For the past couple of years, it's been a pain in the ass to maintain. Drama of one form or another would sprout up over it, or it needed constant watching. We'd get reports of people flaming each other via the main channel and PMs, and we'd be completely unable to control some of the assholier folks who dropped by. There's also of course the issue of the board's activity dropping, but it's mostly the staff is just tired of the chan's shenanigans.

Q. Where am I going to go now?/How am I going to interact with my friends?
A. We've got a great PM system right here on the board.

Alternatively, most of our members frequent Skype, GTalk, AIM, and possibly MSN. All of these are great chatting services for your real-time needs.

Q. So what will happen to the board after this?
A. The board may go through another revamping to shift our focus to our apparently most popular areas -- namely The Game and possibly The Magazine. While we'll still have discussion areas for all your other-topic needs, the staff would like to focus their efforts on making both of these features a success.

Q. Can I voice my opinion over this?
A. Sure. The staff will listen to all questions and concerns, but please keep in mind that we've unanimously agreed that the chan has got to go. So by executive decision, the chan has got to go. Still, we'll do our best to listen and respond politely to any discussions started civilly over the chan's closure. Please do not scream at or flame the staff and non-staff members over the chan or via PMs.

The BBS would also like to remind all members that although we haven't re-approved the rules, we generally auto-ban people who start drama. If you have an opinion, please state it civilly and calmly to our members and to our staff to ensure that you're not permanently banned from the board (or the channel in this last week).

Yes, we understand that the board was important to some people, but we'd also like to remind everyone that the board and all of its facets -- including the chan -- are important to us (your staff) as well. We put a lot of hours into running it, after all, so this was a difficult decision. So we've decided to make our own sanity our topmost priority, and here we are. We are not targeting any particular people by doing this. We have simply decided it's not worth the headache to run the chan while struggling to keep the board alive.

Thank you for understanding! :)
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I do have one question, a technical one.

How do you actually "shut down" a channel? Just have everyone leave it? Or will it still be there, just unused?

I figure saying anything else won't really accomplish anything, so I might as well try to educate myself a bit.

Good question!

There's several ways to shut a channel down in a sense. The first is to do what we did last year, by removing voice from everyone who enters. That creates a bit of a mess though because technically, the channel would still be in operation.

Likewise, there's a couple of actual commands that allow you to unregister a channel you own: /cs drop #[channel] and /msg ChanServ DROP #[channel]. The downside to these is that all they do are clear all the settings associated with the channel and unregisters you as the owner; that means that anyone can pick up the name you had registered and set the channel back up under their name. Well, that and you have to be the owner of the channel to execute those commands anyway.

The third and cleanest option that we can think of is simply password-protecting the channel and switching it to private as shown here. This is most likely the method we'll be using. The advantage to it is that it enables us to create a ghost channel (read: unpopulated channel) without allowing #thebbs to be recreated without our go-ahead.

(Note: There's probably other options too that I'm not aware of, so if anyone knows 'em, please feel free to chime in.)

So in short, when it comes to #thebbs, it'll still be there -- just unused and inaccessible. Like some parts of the Disney theme park empire. /weird analogies
Holmes: Punch me in the face.
Watson: Punch you?
Holmes: Yes! Punch me! In the face! Didn't you hear me?
Watson: I always hear "punch me in the face" when you're speaking, but it's usually subtext.
- Sherlock, "The Scandal in Belgravia"

The girl responsible for this atrocity to mankind. And this one. And these

Your weird analogy has made me think of the whole thing kind of as boarding up a house. It'll get all dark and creepy and rats will live in it and the shutters will fall off and the paint and wallpaper will be peeling... And it would be just the right amount of creepy come Halloween to hold scary tours. Too bad it doesn't actually work like that :( Maybe we can populate it with creepy bots, kind of like animatronic dolls falling apart in the dark warehouses of the Disney theme parks...

Ahem. To get back on the actual subject, I think going private + invite only + password-protected is, in this case, probably the best option available. It would be sort of odd if we unregistered the channel and then someone else started it up, meaning 1) we can never have it back and 2) someone is running a community that has the same name as ours, essentially. Other possible options I can think of is setting up an autokick to kick out everyone who joins, with the exception of whoever will have the power to restore the channel (which I assume would be Camisado or Jax), or just outright ban everyone. I can't remember if we're using access levels at the moment or not, but it would basically be a very simple fix to basically switch everyone's access level to -1 (again, not counting in the person with restorification powers). The problem with that is that the akick/aban-options on the chan, as well as the ban list, are notorious for disappearing somewhere into the cyberspace every now and then, making the solution not only more complicated but also potentially unreliable.

But, yeah, there's ways. If we had a bot of some sort on the channel, there'd be even more ways. IRC is quite versatile.
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Can I also add that we have a kind of VM system that I added a few months ago? As in, you can now leave messages on each others' profiles. Have fun with that too. :D
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