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Writers - what are you working on?

Guys! I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we could just kind of talk about and update each other on what we're writing about. No pressure to comment on each others' posts, but like a progress thread and a place to celebrate success, share plot bunnies, bemoan writer's block, and everything else that goes with it!

Well, I kind of have three things on the go right now.

Thing 1: My massive Magic Knight Rayearth fanfic, "Last Train Home", that I started writing for NaNoWriMo 2010. I won NaNo, but I never finished the fanfic. it is immense. I am currently trying to figure out how to even get to the ending, while working some new plot points in (a love triangle for example), and some cameos from other CLAMP series'. Because CLAMP. So far, I have plans to include people/places from xxxHolic and Drug & Drop!

Thing 2: The Pokémon fanfic I recently posted again in the writing forum, "Atmospheric Pressure". This was my adventure from NaNoWriMo 2011. It all got a bit mental towards the end (which I guess is a NaNo thing) and, again, wasn't finished but did hit the word count. The ending kind of culminated in teams Rocket, Aqua and Magma having this massive fight while Lawrence III swooped in and helped with some things. It definitely needs rewriting and polishing!

Thing 3: The "script" of my comic, Skywriter. By "script" I mean that I don't really write traditional scripts very well at all, so I chose to novelise my ideas in NaNo 2012. Hit the word count, didn't get everything in that I wanted to. Torn between releasing it as fiction or waiting until I've actually drawn the damn thing. Combines my local region with supernatural elements including the big bad, El Delgado, who highly resembles a well-known internet creepypasta. Also deals with asexuality and inter-species (humanoid) relationships. Woo!

I think I've learned that I really need something like NaNo to get me to work hard on stuff I care about. This is the first time I've tried editing any of these, though.

Anyway, come on in and share your current workload! :D Be as brief or as detailed as you like. Get it out.
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What I'm currently REALLY working on includes a proseminar (AKA final project) on George MacDonald and his role in the creation of fantasy literature as a proper genre, a collection of very short essays on various subjects within the realm of computer science, and a speech about science. School is keeping me so busy I hardly have time to think about anything else, aside from right before going to bed (because I refuse to not read before bed, period)... I'm writing, alright, just not the kind of stuff I want to be writing.

What I WANT to write, i.e. what I'm going to continue/start working on once my school schedule lets me, are the following:

Project #1: I'm working on cleaning up, revising, and rewriting my NaNo from 2011, Electromancer. It's a steampunk fantasy novel about a guy who gets the power to generate and control a magnetic field around himself, a tech-savvy electrician who sees the possibilities in this, and a young dragon whose mom they fail to save. I love the setting of that story, and its a rare case in stories I've come up with in that it has a very straight-up, sense-making plot. I'm trying to rework the characters a bit to be more interesting now, because previously they failed to interest me personally enough to make the story work quite right. What is my personal favorite aspect of the whole story is the particular kind of magic the main character has. I don't know if I'm absolutely crazy or kind of brilliant for putting so much science into my magic, but essentially I've made sure he can only do things that are scientifically possible to do with the strength of magnetic field I've decided he has. It's been an absolute joy to come up with things he can do (one-man railgun), and then things he thinks he could do but can't (pulling a heavy iron door off its hinges - the door is heavier, so he will be pulled to the door, not vice versa). Now I'm working on some kind of flying machine he could power, but that probably wouldn't appear until a hypothetical sequel. Incidentally, said hypothetical sequel currently has the working name of "Feathered Serpent".

Project #2: My current favorite plot bunny is a massive project about a fantasy world mostly united by the religion of the Living Gods, who take up human vessels - people given special powers in exchange for perfect obedience - to literally fight off evil demons who leak in from the underworld where they've been banished. Except that the "demons" are actually just another order of beings from a parallel world and trying to escape a war there. And that the "gods" are actually the exact same creatures who just got there first. The story itself follows three of the "Vessels" with special powers, and the main character is basically a devout servant of one of them who finds out, bit by bit, that things aren't what they seem, and ends up splitting the vessels - and the gods - into two factions, one of which wants to keep their power and influence and one of which wants to stop the act and let everyone know the truth. Massive crisis ensues and such.

One of the reasons why I like this project particularly is because it's one of the more culturally diverse casts of characters and settings I've come up with so far. Working out different cultures and traditions and the religions that still haven't been assimilated (and therefore are looked down upon by the majority believers) is incredibly fun, and I'd like to do nothing but draw maps and traditional costumes and whatnot. And come up with snazzy special powers for my thirteen Vessels.

Project #3: another fantasy plot that has been crying for attention at the back of my head. I'm thinking of leaving that one for NaNo, though. Or maybe whatever personal writing month I'll come up with this summer.

Project #4: Pokémon version of King Lear. I still reeeeeally want to do this. King Lear would be an old Luxray, his kingdom would be the Electric kingdom (and France would be the Fire-type kingdom), his daughters and members of his court would be various electric types... Hnngh.

I also have roughly 3425346346 other projects I've started and want to continue, or want to start, or want to start designing, or... Unfortunately, there's only so many hours in a day.
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I'm currently working on an auto-biography. My life, in all its glorious detail and depth, my rise to supremacy and eventually, overlord of Runescape. A sure purchase for the avid reader, an obvious best seller, and not least because the book will have my beautiful body on the front cover sporting a pair of pink bloomers only.

Right now I'm mostly picking away at an MLP fic. I've got something to the effect of 2000 words at the moment but only 400 or so are actually part of the story itself. Otherwise I have roughly ten stories that have been on the back burner for at least six months.

Something tells me that I shouldn't be mentioning my ideas here (at least not outside of the occasional mention on Twitter and Tumblr), but... meh. The BBS is the only forum I care about these days (despite not visiting all that much), so why not?

The basic plot of my story has Violet and a Minccino she befriended going on weird adventures and getting into all sorts of mishaps. Yeah, on the surface, it's nothing special. But then you take some backstories into account (for starters, the story happens fifty years after the 2012 apocalypse and the survivors had to move to Gemittarius since Earth is inhabitable) and the overall direction I want to take it, and... yeah. I want to make sure the story doesn't suck entirely.

A lot of the story has mostly been inspired by Adventure Time and some areas of astrology, classic mythology, and Japanese mythology. Oh, and aside from Pokemon, expect characters from Puyo Puyo, Mr. Driller, and Yoshi to appear (though I doubt people are familiar with the first two).

TL;DR version: Crazy little crossover that aims to be silly and ridiculous at times and quite serious at others.
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