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Smilies/Smilie codes

Is it just me or are the current ones a little, well, inconvenient and strange? Prior to the reboot, we had changed the default codes into easier (and more descriptive/intuitive) ones, such as *:3 and *>> and *c: and so on. It was cool because we have a nice set of really awesome smilies that were pretty easy to both use and not use as you liked. Also, old posts look a bit strange now that the codes are back to how they were in the very beginning.

I feel like we should go back to that. However, that's just me.

How do you feel? Should we change them? Are they good as they are? Should we outright go and switch smilies entirely? Or remove them all from use? Or am I the only one who even cares?

On that note, is there any wish to add Pokémon sprites as a BBCode tag again? Can we do that? Should we do that?

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I used smilies like...five times or something. Anyway, if it's possible, we should probably go back to how smilies used to be? That system seemed fine.

*checks current codes*


Yeah that could use changing I suppose. Not so fussed as you can click them pretty easily anyways, but hey![/code]

Yay for pokemon codes as before too ([pokemon]name[/pokemon] or [pokemon]001[/pokemon] were the ones before iirc?)
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