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Pokémon Go - Camisado - 5th Aug 2017

Since it's been out for about a year, has anyone got any opinions on Pokémon Go or want to share their progress and such? Happyc

I've found it super fun when I can find spawns and Pokéstops! When we used to live in the town centre, it was ace, because it was all:

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But we moved to the suburbs and now it's all:

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I'm currently sitting at level 16 because I'm not a very serious player, and due to the above my playing is pretty much just limited to when I remember to get my phone out at lunchtimes walking into town near work, lol. Also I can't go for too long because the size of my phone battery is inversely proportional to the amount of power the screen draws.

So how is the Pokémon Go experience where you are? What Pokémon have you picked as your buddy? (Mine's Murkrow!) Do you capture gyms? Tell me all about it!