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Posting Blitz August '14! - bobandbill - 22nd Aug 2014

Welcome to the Posting Blitz!

So what's the Posting Blitz?

An event where basically the aim is to make as many posts as possible. Post in threads, make new threads, and join in different events! The event runs until the end of the month.


- No spam posts. These just get deleted and may land you in trouble.
- Other BBS rules also apply.
- To join, post here and state how many points you have at the time of posting. If you join the forum during the posting blitz, post to join, but you'll be starting from the default 50 points.
- The person with the most points gained by the end of the blitz wins.
- Posting/posting in specific threads and events will net you extra points! So will referring people to the forum who also join in.

Current settings are:
- A post gets you one point (or dollar).
- Making a new thread gets you three!
- Other things like referrals (ie having people mention your username when they join the forum), contributing to a poll, etc gets you points by the system as well.

What can I do with points?

You can buy neat things from the Shop system we have. This includes buying your own shop, where you can then offer things to people (e.g. traded Pokemon via the games, a review on their art or story, a banner, etc) for points!

How to join

Just make a post here giving your intention to take part and include your current points score when you make the post. We'll take it from there. We're going by points gained during this time period, so how many you have beforehand doesn't matter. If you wish to make things easier and list things that you feel would get you more points as well you can do that too in your post (which you can edit anytime).

Extra Points

Note these will be manually added by myself, so they will not come into effect when you make these posts at first.

Contributing meaningfully to Magazine threads nets you two extra points each post.

Posting new threads in Writing, Art or Other Creations sections (e.g. a story, or Let's Play, etc) gets you 6 points rather than 3. Posting meaningful reviews for work also gets you three points as opposed to one. And an addition to the Fandex also gets you an additional 5 points per submission not already there.

Events may also come with their own bonus point prizes - see the respective threads for more details. The more events you join, the more points you'll gain!

Points gained from Achievement Hunters during the period also count towards the final score here. If you use the system to get achievements (and a bunch are pretty easy to get!), you're going to be at the top, and have fancy achievements too!

Referring new people to the forums that join in this thread get you a bonus 50 points on top of the 100 for referring people (that is, they join and state your username when registering).


These are still being sorted out. If you'd like, post what you think you should get! This can vary from fancy profile things, extra points to be used in a system, the ability to host your own forum event of some kind, and so forth.

Good luck to everyone!


Events will include (links coming when they start):
- BBS Mafia! Play a game of mafia and try to find the killer. Or if you are the killer, try to kill everyone else.
- Writing prompts and drabble thread! Write up a story/drabble based on themes!
- Art prompts! Draw something based on a theme!
- Battling thread! Fight each other by telling your Pokemon to attack their Pokemon!

Bonus points yet to be fully accounted for

An-chan [968] --> [993]
Bay Alexison [Started with 469] --> [648]
bobandbill [Started with 1705] --> [1929]
Jax [Started with 507] --> [549]
Slayr [713] --> [722]

RE: Posting Blitz August '14! - Bay Alexison - 22nd Aug 2014

I probably won't get too far, but why not let's do this!

Started with 356

RE: Posting Blitz August '14! - Jax - 23rd Aug 2014

Aww yiss. Let's do dis.

Points: 507

(Also, editing in MAFIA. GO DO THE THING, PEEPS.)

RE: Posting Blitz August '14! - bobandbill - 23rd Aug 2014

Cool. Bay, just edited your points, as we're going by that rather than the post count (otherwise you'd already be winning by too much =p).

RE: Posting Blitz August '14! - Slayr231 - 23rd Aug 2014

I'll join up!

Starting points: 713

Also, I don't see anything when at the shop. It's been robbed!

RE: Posting Blitz August '14! - bobandbill - 23rd Aug 2014

Added in, Slayr!

Also - should still be there. I see it anyway (you do need to press the small + button though).

RE: Posting Blitz August '14! - An-chan - 24th Aug 2014

I'll join. Also run the writing thing, but I'll get that up tomorrow if that's a-ok.

Starting points: 968, apparently.

RE: Posting Blitz August '14! - Slayr231 - 25th Aug 2014

(23rd Aug 2014, 09:00 AM)bobandbill Wrote: Also - should still be there. I see it anyway (you do need to press the small + button though).
This is what I see:
Show ContentSpoiler:
Maybe it's only viewable to staff? Or maybe I'm just missing that "+" button you mentioned.

RE: Posting Blitz August '14! - Jax - 25th Aug 2014

(25th Aug 2014, 04:03 AM)Slayr231 Wrote:
(23rd Aug 2014, 09:00 AM)bobandbill Wrote: Also - should still be there. I see it anyway (you do need to press the small + button though).
This is what I see:
Show ContentSpoiler:
Maybe it's only viewable to staff? Or maybe I'm just missing that "+" button you mentioned.

Evidently, it was because the permissions for the Wynaut? Contributor usergroup weren't inherited, and as such, it was excluded from the lists of users who had access to the shop. (You would've been able to see it if you remained a registered user, in other words.) Just fixed that up and set the shop to be expanded by default, so you should have access to it. Sorry about that.

(I've also gone through and adjusted permissions for the usergroup in general, so you may start to notice that you now have access to things you might not have been able to reach before now or that you no longer have access to things you used to be able to mess with. Any changes you see are completely intentional.)

RE: Posting Blitz August '14! - An-chan - 25th Aug 2014

Drabble thread is now up!

RE: Posting Blitz August '14! - Camisado - 25th Aug 2014

I forgot to post and say the art thread is up! Sorry for not posting sooner.

RE: Posting Blitz August '14! - bobandbill - 2nd Sep 2014

Well, the month has finished for everyone, so that concludes the posting blitz! I'll get to tallying scores before I possibly disappear on my thursday. Kelly/Anni, any idea what points you'd like to give (if any) to people who contributed to your threads?

RE: Posting Blitz August '14! - Camisado - 3rd Sep 2014

Oh boy... well, you suggested 6 points for posting art/writing threads during the blitz, so maybe 10 points for an art piece in the special thread? Is that enough/too much? I'm not sure what to base my awards on, haha.

RE: Posting Blitz August '14! - bobandbill - 9th Sep 2014

Well, I'll go with double that (in consideration for how much mafia gave - 20 per contribution is a lot though but there wasn't a wave of entries), and do the same for the drabble thread.

People who hosted something also get 50 points because I say so and that stuff takes time and effort.

Sorry for the intense delay, I got caught up with things and then a trip on top of it. But well, here we are, ranked in order from least points gained to most. Note that the first line in your spoilers includes what Jax awarded you from Mafia.

Slayr231 - 9
Show ContentSpoiler:
An-chan - 95
Show ContentSpoiler:
Jax - 132
Show ContentSpoiler:
Bay Alexison - 199
Show ContentSpoiler:
bobandbill - 224
Show ContentSpoiler:

The winner is... me. Proving that killing and posting a few new threads is enough to get you anywhere in life. Meanwhile I'll just update the points too that people got for the drabble/art threads/hosting.

In hindsight in future events we may need to adjust points awarded for mafia, but on the flip side no claims from the achievements were made and that is a killer for points.

Neat ribbons given for the mafia event *motions to own and Bay's postbit and profile page* (which will also be given out in future ones!) is why you should though, as the awards have also been made for the achievement system. Aw yeah. Maybe there would even be one for winning posting blitzs?