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Staff Changes - Jax - 3rd Apr 2014

In order to speed things up and heighten productivity within the staff, we've restructured the staff hierarchy. What this means is that staff positions really are staff positions: each staff member has been assigned specific tasks or areas of focus, based on their activity, interests, and talents. (THESE ARE NOT DEMOTIONS.)

Here are the new available positions and brief descriptions of each title to give you an idea of who to field your questions to.

Global Moderators are people in charge of the general forum and community. They are best with either backend work (e.g., layouts, plugins, maintaining the board on a technical level), or they display an active interest in The BBS as a whole. They set and enforce the board-wide rules, create forums, maintain forums that do not have moderators, and handle our member queue or problematic members. In a way, they've only changed a little from their original title as administrator, except they're equals to forum moderators in cases where one exists. (See below for further explanation.)

Forum Moderators (shown on the Forum Team listing as Moderator) are people in charge of specific forums. They've displayed an active interest in particular areas of the board and come bearing ideas for how to keep those areas active. As such, they're basically given a lot of room and power to maintain activity on the board, including standard mod powers and the freedom to develop contests, sticky threads, and even new areas for their sections if necessary. (Note: Yes, technically, they work closely with global mods in order to add forums to their sections or set up prizes, but that's only due to technical restrictions. On their specific forums, they're basically treated the same way as global mods and have the final say in pretty much anything that happens.)

Media Moderators do not have mod powers on the board (except more abilities to manipulate the calendar than any other forum group and access to the staff forums), but they do have administrative abilities on one or more of our off-board websites, including Wynaut?'s WordPress blog, the official BBS Tumblr, and the official BBS Twitter. Think of them as forum moderators but not on the forums. In an even briefer nutshell, media moderators are in charge of our advertising materials. They not only run our blog queues, but they also draft our ads and/or design our ad graphics in order to maximize our visibility to the Pokémon fandom.

You'll notice that I did not mention anything about super moderators. This is because the title of super moderator has been retired on The BBS thanks to the way our new hierarchy works (i.e., function over rank). To put it in short, if you have questions about the general BBS, field them to global moderators. Questions about specific forums go to forum mods, and questions about our off-site websites go to our media mods or global mods, depending on who's in charge. (Media mods will be assigned to websites based on the same criteria as forum mods: they display interest in specific outlets. Currently, our only media mod is Bay Alexison, who is in charge of our official Tumblr.)

Staff promotions to any of these positions work just the same as they did before. In order to be promoted, you must not only display an active interest in The BBS, but you must also be creative, honest, hard-working, and responsible. Additionally, if promoted, new staff members begin in the forum or media moderator groups but can be promoted to global mod based on skill level and interest in the board. Currently, due to our overall active member count, we are not looking for new staff members, so if you're hoping to make it to staff someday, be awesome and do your best to make The BBS active and awesome.

Thanks for reading, and good luck to the rest of the reorganized staff!