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Wynaut? Contributor Rank Requirements - bobandbill - 16th Jan 2014

This was discussed ages ago, and after some discussion between staff here are official guidelines for obtaining the usergroup of being a Wynaut? Contributor. This'll be mentioned in the Rules too.

Luckily, they're very simple. You need to have significantly contributed to five separate published articles. By that, you need to have been involved in the article planning/writing/editing process, by say giving a good amount of constructive critique, OR writing a significant amount of the article. That means saying 'looks good! :)' on an article thread, or writing just one sentence that gets used, won't count.

If you feel that you have satisfied those requirements, you are free to PM an admin who'll go and check, and if they agree they'll add you to the usergroup. Perks of the usergroup are a purple username and more stars in your postbit, but there are no additional abilities on the forums (e.g. closing threads).