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  Point System Information!
Posted by: bobandbill - 7th Oct 2012, 01:17 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (6)

Alright, a summary of how the post system works so everyone knows, plus some propositions by myself for extra points.

Post here for thoughts and suggestions regarding said system and bonus point schemes! I feel it makes sense to try and encourage certain areas.

The Points System

Points are what you get for doing things on the forum, simply.

The current amount of points you get for forum actions are as follows:

Quote:New Post 1円
New Thread 3円
New Poll 1円
Per Character 0円
Minimum Characters 0 Chars
New Registration 50円
Per Poll Vote 1円
Per Reply 0円
Per PM Sent 0円
Per Rate 0円
Per Page View 0円
Per Visit 0円
Per Referral 10円
You can also view this list here.

So basically, the main way to get points is to post! Making new threads is worth more however, and getting people to join the forums also results in you being rewarded. Things like rating posts and page viewing is imo going to remain 0 points as rewarding people for not actually contributing seems backwards to me.

Other ways to get points

  • Any successful submission to the fandex earns you three points per submission (that is, three points per piece of art added, be it a drawing, story, etc).
  • Any contributive post to the planning thread in Wynaut? that results in a published article gets an extra point, to encourage more feedback. That is, anything like pointing out errors in grammar, giving your thoughts on the article idea, etc.
  • Any contribution that ends up as part of the article (e.g. writing at least a paragraph of the article, or contributing a piece of art to supplement it) is worth an additional 5 points.
  • Anyone who makes any decent contribution to the Game's planning stage threads will get a bonus 20 points once it goes live.
  • Future competitions are also subject to bonus points, as well various goals in the currently planned Game when that is up and running. To be updated!

And what are points good for?
Points are the currency of the forum, so to speak. With them, you can buy things such as username changes, pimp out your profile or just fun icons that'll show up in your profile. You can also use it to buy more serious things, like the right to run a forum event (like a Mafia game with mod permission) or your own shop in which you can sell your own stuff to the memberbase (such as pieces of art on request, or pokemon trades, or whatever you want!...within reason of course; mods will be checking what you add to your shop to make sure nothing system-breaky is introduced).

Furthermore, points is also how the currently planned Game System will run on! With it you'll be able to buy pokemon and other such perks to help you participate in the Game. As such, the more you participate in it and the forum as a whole, the more you benefit from the game as well. Everyone wins!

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Information The updates and maintenance thread!
Posted by: Camisado - 22nd Sep 2012, 11:31 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (12)

Hey guys! I need to make you all aware of forum software updates and downtime for maintenance, so they'll be added in this thread. You may wish to subscribe to the thread so you're aware of downtime.

I need to do a software update today within the next couple of hours. The forum will be deactivated for up to half an hour while this is taking place. I will update this post once the update from 1.6.7 to 1.6.8 is completed.


Edit: Today's upgrade to 1.6.8 was a success! Please let me know in this thread if you experience any quirks.

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  Posting Blitz!
Posted by: bobandbill - 21st Sep 2012, 12:50 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (22)

This thread is for organising the Posting Blitz for the BBS Birthday!

So what's the Posting Blitz?

An event where basically the aim is to make as many posts as possible. Post in threads, make new threads, contribue to other events, and so forth! The event runs for a full week as of the postage of this thread.


- No spam posts. These just get deleted and may land you in trouble.
- Other BBS rules also apply.
- This goes by the NewPoints system currently set up. Everyone has been set to 50 points again, and the people with the most points by the end of the blitz (a week from now) wins.
- Posting/posting in specific threads and events will net you extra points!

Current settings are:
- A post gets you one point (or dollar).
- Making a new thread gets you three!
- Other things like referrals, contributing to a poll, etc gets you points by the system as well.
- Everyone starts on 50 points, including any new users.

How to join
Just make a post here giving your intention to take part, is all. I'll take it from there. If you wish to make things easier and list things that you feel would get you more points as well you can do that too in your post (which you can edit anytime).

Extra Points
Note these will be manually added by myself, so they will not come into effect when you make these posts at first.

Contributing meaningfully to Magazine threads nets you two points each post. Meanwhile, if you make a contribution that will end up in a published article you get 10 points.

Posting new threads in Writing, Art or Other Creations sections (e.g. a story, or Let's Play, etc) gets you 6 points rather than 3. Posting meaningful reviews for work also gets you three points as opposed to one. And an addition to the Fandex also gets you an additional 3 points per submission not already there.

These are still being sorted out. If you'd like, post what you think you should get! This can vary from fancy profile things, extra points to be used in a system, the ability to host your own forum event of some kind, and so forth.

Something to be confirmed but could possibly happen is that I am willing to give away shiny Pokemon (I have about 60 and the ability to clone them ~) to the top three winners (say first place gets their choice of three shiny Pokemon, second two, and third gets one). To be done over trades in BW or B2W2 when they come out, but note that I need to confirm that my wifi will allow this with 5th gen games.

Another possible addition could be making use of the Shop addon that comes with NewPoints, but more on that in a bit when I investigate myself.

Good luck to everyone!


An-chan: 157
Bay Alexison: 100
Camisado: 100
Jax: 145
Latios: 107
Phoenixsong: 142
Temporal Diamond: 84

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  DO THE SOFTWARE SHUFFLE. (Do do do do do do do do...)
Posted by: Jax - 14th Sep 2012, 07:35 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (8)

So after brief discussion between yours truly and our resident tech goddess, we've decided that The BBS is moving back to MyBB!

Wait! Wait! What?!

Yes! We're going back to MyBB, a simple and cheap forum software that The BBS used to run on before it switched to vBulletin. Because it turns out it's a lot better than vB.

But what's so great about it?

Well, luckily we have a handy-dandy list to explain all the ways it's cooler!

1. Plugins that actually work! Remember how we used to have a points plugin we could do things with and anti-spam plugins that actually stopped spambots? Yeah, that was cool. Wouldn't it be cool if we could have that again?

2. It's far, far easier to use. The latest versions of MyBB simplify it more by making things not only easier to find but also idiot-proof. No more hunting for the User CP or trying to figure out where you can edit what you want to have edited! For those of you on staff, all moderation options are far cleaner on the latest MyBB, with moderation options grouped by function and the admin CP organized by tabs. It's simpler to moderate threads and find exactly what settings you need to edit.

3. You know that funky thing right now where the board clones your posts or gives you a pop up after you hit "submit" that asks you if you want to leave the page? That's nice. It doesn't happen on MyBB. (They even give you a nice popup that tells you that the thread is loading with you new post.)

4. Oh, and Kelly saves about £100 instead of spending it on our license. Wouldn't you like that to go towards awesome things, like shiny, shiny hosting?

5. And it's prettier. Seriously. Check out the attachments for a screenshot of its hotness. We can do that with any skin.
5a. Skins that are easier to customize. Just sayin'.

And there you have it! Sheer volumes of awesome. If you've got any questions, feel free to voice 'em. If you've got any concerns, hey, why not? Go for it! But to preemptively answer one particular question, no, you're not losing anything in the transfer (except your avatar, user pic, and any images you might've had in your sig). You get to keep all your posts and your post count. Any other concerns you might have, though, are completely welcome. :D

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  Attention please!
Posted by: Camisado - 19th Jul 2012, 06:33 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

My web server file system was recently defaced by a hacker who used brute force to get in via FTP. (Nothing we could have done.)

Me and my hosts are 99% sure that the databases weren't touched, but if you would like to take this opportunity to change your BBS password, especially if it's the same as one used with your email address elsewhere, that might be prudent.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I hasten to repeat, we are 99% sure no breach of data occurred. This is a courtesy message.

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  SCRATCH~! (Wait, what?)
Posted by: Jax - 10th Jul 2012, 03:45 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (16)

So with the board vaguely inactive and complaints about one thing or another (posting being a chore, for example), the idea of restarting the board has been brought up.

Not just the board but the whole flipping community.

What do I mean? I mean we start from super-sparkly scratch, with forums distilled all the way down to this:

1. Ducks/Important stuff.
2. The Magazine (because it's not my project and bobandbill would probably have a psychological breakdown).
3. The standard mod forum (which itself will be distilled down, staffies).
4. The forum skins.
(The Fandex is a potential fifth entry to this list, with a submissions forum created just for it.)

That means that everything else -- rules, most forums, ASBN, and so forth -- will have their contents locked in a staff-accessible forum while the spaces themselves will disappear, to be recreated as per member demand.

Also up on the "let's reset this" block? The chan. Because nothing would suck more than restarting the board from scratch, only to have everyone migrate to the chan anyway.

In short, this move will be a hard reset for the forums, except for the projects that are seen as the most valuable to the SRNet community.

Unless, of course, there are major objections. If a significant number of people (read: at least a 2/3rds majority of the current active population) voice their opinions to keep The BBS as it is, full control over the ongoing Revitalization Project will be handed over to each of my fellow staff members, and they'll be providing alternatives to help boost activity across the whole of the community. (Read: They will be the shiny new admins from whom you can expect the fun things to happen.)

Meanwhile, if you just want to see parts go or if you want to voice your opinion about what the future of the board will look like, please feel free to speak up! All opinions will be heard, and drama is naturally strictly forbidden here.

Please do not PM, VM, or IRC-PM me responses to this. By all means, if you see me on the channel, you're free to use the main channel to post a response. Any attempts to speak to me privately about anything to do with the potential reset will be promptly ignored due to missing the point of this project. Thank you!

Please also note that you have two weeks (until July 23) to submit any and all comments, questions, and concerns before it's assumed that you're all cool with this. Speak now or forever hold yo' peace!

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