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  Hope you like purple!
Posted by: bobandbill - 10th Jan 2014, 01:01 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (7)

Because a few of you may be purple now. :V (An-chan helped in picking said colour).

I made a new usergroup for people who have done a bunch of contributions to Wynaut?. Consider it a thank you status, I suppose! Was an idea from ages back which I decided should be put in already.

Also, you get 5 stars in your postbit. Yay!

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  New plugin
Posted by: bobandbill - 18th Aug 2013, 01:14 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (1)

I think I might as well raise the attention of this even if it's been possible for a while! Plus it's more advertising of the point/shop system. =p

TACO made quick work of the initial points and bought a profile picture, so Camisado helpfully uploaded a plugin that allows you to add a picture to your profile page. (Here's an example).

So if you're interested, you can buy the ability to have one from the General Store in the shop system! And if you want to suggest someone else for the forum to have, check out the list of plugins:

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  A new store!
Posted by: bobandbill - 17th Jul 2013, 10:37 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (3)

Richard Fightmaster saved every penny and managed to garner enough points via the forum point system to buy his own store. And he's the first one to do so! BIGO

He's selling Pokemon (as in the kind you can get from a trade in 5th gen games), so check it out if you are interested!

Shop system link:

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  Posting Blitz June '13!
Posted by: bobandbill - 20th Jun 2013, 09:39 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (20)

Welcome to the Posting Blitz!

So what's the Posting Blitz?

An event where basically the aim is to make as many posts as possible. Post in threads, make new threads, contribute to other events, and so forth! The event runs for a full week as of the postage of this thread.


- No spam posts. These just get deleted and may land you in trouble.
- Other BBS rules also apply.
- To join, post here and state how many points you have at the time of posting.
- The person with the most points gained by the end of the blitz (by the start of the 29th of a currently undetermined time zone) wins.
- Posting/posting in specific threads and events will net you extra points!

Current settings are:
- A post gets you one point (or dollar).
- Making a new thread gets you three!
- Other things like referrals (ie having people mention your username when they join the forum), contributing to a poll, etc gets you points by the system as well.

How to join
Just make a post here giving your intention to take part and include your current points score when you make the post. I'll take it from there. We're going by points gained during this time period, so how many you have beforehand doesn't matter. If you wish to make things easier and list things that you feel would get you more points as well you can do that too in your post (which you can edit anytime).

Extra Points
Note these will be manually added by myself, so they will not come into effect when you make these posts at first.

Contributing meaningfully to Magazine threads nets you two extra points each post.

Posting new threads in Writing, Art or Other Creations sections (e.g. a story, or Let's Play, etc) gets you 6 points rather than 3. Posting meaningful reviews for work also gets you three points as opposed to one. And an addition to the Fandex also gets you an additional 5 points per submission not already there.

Events may also come with their own bonus point prizes (e.g. the battling comp may end up with prizes for points).

These are still being sorted out. If you'd like, post what you think you should get! This can vary from fancy profile things, extra points to be used in a system, the ability to host your own forum event of some kind, and so forth.

I can give out shiny Pokemon if people like this (5th gen games only).

Good luck to everyone!

An-chan [542]
Bay Alexison [236]
bobandbill [Started with 606]
Latios [248]
Richard Fightmaster [114]
Slayr231 [96]

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  BBS Movie Night!
Posted by: Jax - 28th Feb 2013, 06:38 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (32)

Jax has a Livestream account.

Jax has a Livestream account she never uses.

Jax has a collection of DVDs.

There are terrible life decisions at work here.

Tl;dr, I want to have a movie night... afternoon... whatever. Preferably a weekend, maybe after 3 PM EST on Fridays or later. YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS. LET ME HEAR THEM.

What I'm looking for:

1. If you want to do it.
2. What kinds of movies you want to see. (Jax also has an inactive Netflix account.)
3. How often you want it to happen.
4. When would work best for you.

Once those are squared away, this post will change into a proper introduction post, complete with the schedule for the first showing. b)'')b

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161 New Themes!
Posted by: An-chan - 25th Feb 2013, 09:53 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Since we switched the software our board runs on, we lost all the previous and notably awesome themes Camisado had made for us. Currently, our theme selection is limited to say the least. We're slowly fixing this sad state of affairs, and are proud to release the first of the remade themes we used to have. Probably unsurprisingly to some (seeing as how I'm related to this), the new theme is the Sentret & Furret theme brought back from the dead! It's still a work in progress, but it looks nice enough to use. Mainly it's a good option for those who prefer websites with dark text on light background.

You can change your theme by going to your User CP and choosing Edit Options. Themes are under Other Options. If you try out the new theme, do tell us if you notice any mistakes or have any suggestions for improving it. We probably know of the existence of most of the mistakes (notably, the navbar is still dark gray), but we can't test everything so it would be helpful to know of all the obscure settings we may have missed.

Thanks for this theme go to Camisado - I helped a bit with choosing some colors, but she did all the hard work. Happycat

Meanwhile, suggestions for new themes or themes you absolutely need revived or you might perish from withdrawal symptoms are accepted. I make no promises of them actually appearing - I'm a complete rookie in making themes and Camisado is fairly busy - but who knows, maybe your suggestion will end up inspiring us or one of the other folks with the know-how of css and the ability to bestow new themes upon the forums.

Anyway, yes! Sentret theme! I'm sure you're all excited! I know I am.

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  Important notice about #thebbs! Please read!
Posted by: Jax - 16th Feb 2013, 05:37 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (4)

To cut right to the chase, folks, #thebbs is shutting down. This thread will walk you through all the details and hopefully answer some questions and help you prepare.

Q. When is it shutting down?
A. One week from today, meaning Saturday, February 23.

Q. Why is it shutting down?
A. For the past couple of years, it's been a pain in the ass to maintain. Drama of one form or another would sprout up over it, or it needed constant watching. We'd get reports of people flaming each other via the main channel and PMs, and we'd be completely unable to control some of the assholier folks who dropped by. There's also of course the issue of the board's activity dropping, but it's mostly the staff is just tired of the chan's shenanigans.

Q. Where am I going to go now?/How am I going to interact with my friends?
A. We've got a great PM system right here on the board.

Alternatively, most of our members frequent Skype, GTalk, AIM, and possibly MSN. All of these are great chatting services for your real-time needs.

Q. So what will happen to the board after this?
A. The board may go through another revamping to shift our focus to our apparently most popular areas -- namely The Game and possibly The Magazine. While we'll still have discussion areas for all your other-topic needs, the staff would like to focus their efforts on making both of these features a success.

Q. Can I voice my opinion over this?
A. Sure. The staff will listen to all questions and concerns, but please keep in mind that we've unanimously agreed that the chan has got to go. So by executive decision, the chan has got to go. Still, we'll do our best to listen and respond politely to any discussions started civilly over the chan's closure. Please do not scream at or flame the staff and non-staff members over the chan or via PMs.

The BBS would also like to remind all members that although we haven't re-approved the rules, we generally auto-ban people who start drama. If you have an opinion, please state it civilly and calmly to our members and to our staff to ensure that you're not permanently banned from the board (or the channel in this last week).

Yes, we understand that the board was important to some people, but we'd also like to remind everyone that the board and all of its facets -- including the chan -- are important to us (your staff) as well. We put a lot of hours into running it, after all, so this was a difficult decision. So we've decided to make our own sanity our topmost priority, and here we are. We are not targeting any particular people by doing this. We have simply decided it's not worth the headache to run the chan while struggling to keep the board alive.

Thank you for understanding! :)

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161 Board Inactivity - let's test something
Posted by: An-chan - 11th Feb 2013, 11:15 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (7)

After observing the activity level of the chan compared to that of the boards, I've decided to conduct a bit of a scientific experiment. I love the chan just as much as the rest of you - or probably more, actually, seeing as how it's brought me together with my fiancé and all that - but I'm starting to get this creeping suspicion that it may actually be sucking some life out of the boards. Or, rather, that suspicion has always existed, and it's something Jax and a bunch of other people (myself included, upon occasion) have raised concerns over several times. So, the question is this: people show up on the chan daily, but do they check the boards? Why do they not post on the boards?

This is not some kind of guilt-tripping endeavor. Far from it. Spending your free time on the internet is supposed to be fun, and you should only do what you consider to be fun. There's nothing wrong with having fun on the chan and not having fun on the boards, per se - it just causes an issue for the boards. Ultimately, I am merely curious. I want to know what's up.

So, I would ask of you who see this and go on the chan this week to say the word applesauce after joining. This is just to see how many of those who frequent the chan also frequent the boards. Applesauce is a good word because it probably won't be popping up too much in regular conversation - at least it doesn't normally - so I can simply keep track of my highlights. At the end of the week I'll report back with whichever findings I have.

And, while I'm on the subject, and I've got your attention: would you mind telling us why you don't feel like posting? Is it just because nobody else does? How could we remedy it? What would make you take part more and be more active? If the chan was removed entirely, would it change anything? What about if the boards ceased to exist? What if you got real cookies for participating?

All discussion is welcome!

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  The General Store
Posted by: bobandbill - 3rd Nov 2012, 04:46 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (16)

We need prices! Say if the following should be higher or lower, new items, etc. Shall also add as I go when I figure out how much profile stuff is actually doable.

The General Store

  • Your Own Shop!
    Cost: 250
    This is your ticket to owning your own shop! You can sell various things, such as icons, or banners, or frics on request, and so forth! Note that any item you want to add has to have admin approval beforehand, but we'll handle it all for you. You also get to keep the points profit from your own shop!
  • Username Change!
    Cost: 70. Max once every three months
    Want to change that username of yours? Well now you can! Buy this item and let an admin know of your desired new name, and they'll do the deed!
  • User Star Icons
    Cost: 125
    Want some other icon in place of those stars that's about the same size? Then just buy this item! You'd then want to supply an admin (OOC: Or just Camisado in particular?) to upload it for you and make the change.
  • Run a forum competition!
    Cost: 100. Limits on how often/how many run at the same time exist. Requires approval.
    If you want to run an event for the forum, such as say an art competition or a game of Mafia then this is how you do it! It's advised to talk to a mod about it first though so you have permission first.
  • Post Icon
    Cost: 40
    Buy this if you want a new icon for everyone to use when you make a post? (To see what they look like, check the top of the posting options in advanced mode) The icon is up to you! (Must be small).

And then silly stuff, if we want those too. Past ones include:
- the box (free) - buy a cardboard box! (It was a joke item. I think Mia may remember it well. =p)
- various badges that could be put in your profile (we'd need to first look into a system that does this if the current one isn't usable, will play around). Old ones included cake, a sentret with a flamethrower, and etc. (Note stuff like this could also be offered from a person's own shop, and they'd get the profit of points if people buy those from them).

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  Halloween-ish Watch-Along
Posted by: Jax - 29th Oct 2012, 08:32 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (4)

Jsyk, tomorrow (or, well, today at a sane hour), I actually have a ~free day~ that just happens to fall close to Halloween. And what do we do with free days that just happen to fall close to Halloween? Watch the Grimer out of horror movies!

So, barring any power outage hilarity via Hurricane Sandy, I will be hanging around the chan all day today to invite random passerbys to watch terrible and terribly awesome horror flicks all afternoon, starting at 2 PM with Hocus Pocus. (Why 2? Because it's 3 AM now, and Jax has gotten into the habit of sleeping for eleven or twelve hours on her days off) There will also be a Skype channel for those of you who want to take the legit route and eavesdrop just on the soundtrack or watch the commenting happen. And for those of you who don't mind pesky legalities, there will most certainly not be links to what I'm watching given out in the chats too. Unless I actually own the movie. I mean, Shaun of the Dead will be a thing sometime that night, and that's, like, the only actual horror-comedy I own.

Tl;dr, there will be movies. If anyone wants to drop by, leave a message or crash the party starting at 2 PM unless Sandy says, "lol electricity."

Alternatively, should I not make it, please feel free to use this space to tell me we should totally have a real monthly watch-along event for The BBS, starting on my next day off (in the middle of November because I thought to schedule one this time). Movie suggestions are also awesome.

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