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  The Fandex!
Posted by: bobandbill - 22nd Feb 2015, 12:37 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Hi all!

We've just launched a new branch of the BBS that's open to all members!

The BBS Fandex


So what is the fandex?

Quote:The BBS Fandex is a collection of fanworks of all Pokémon characters, people and fire-breathing creatures alike. Anyone can contribute to the collection here, anyone can view it, and anyone can comment. What makes it different from other collections is our aim to also credit all the artists and authors out there who put out these awesome pieces of work for other people's enjoyment.

Sadly with the likes of sites such as Tumblr, credit is not often given to the creator when people re-blog something cool they found. Sadder yet, across multiple websites people go as far as to claim art or stories as their own work, and try to grab the glory. To steal other people's work is a low act, and for those who are victims it can be a rather off-putting experience.

That's why all contributions here are required to not only name the creator, but to link back to the original source of the image. This also allows you to check out further work by a creator if you want to check out more of their stuff.

Viewing and commenting is open to guests. Uploading files requires member registration on the forum (you can access the fandex and upload files if you are already logged in here). For now file uploads will undergo moderator approval.

Please post any feedback or questions here, or in the Fandex forum section.

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  Security reminder
Posted by: Camisado - 16th Nov 2014, 12:44 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Hi everyone.

Yesterday Pirata Nervo of MyBB announced in a blog post that the update system was compromised for a short period of time, meaning that attackers would have been able to back up the forum database if they exploited our board.

Following his instructions I can confirm we have not been affected, but I would like to take this time to advise you to change your forum password, most importantly if it is the same one you use for more sensitive websites (especially coupled with the same email address and/or username) such as email or banking.

Thanks for listening! If you have any questions please reply below.

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  Doc Swap: Now Open!
Posted by: Jax - 25th Oct 2014, 08:51 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

We're proud to announce that after months of hammering things out, Doc Swap is now open for business!

What is it? It's an open beta reading and idea development forum. It's designed completely for you authors to post your works-in-progress in order to get help from fellow members, and it provides sandbox environments for you to hammer out your concepts freely.

For more information on how it works and what you can do there, check out the sticky!

Happy writing, all!

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  Posting Blitz August '14!
Posted by: bobandbill - 22nd Aug 2014, 02:42 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (13)

Welcome to the Posting Blitz!

So what's the Posting Blitz?

An event where basically the aim is to make as many posts as possible. Post in threads, make new threads, and join in different events! The event runs until the end of the month.


- No spam posts. These just get deleted and may land you in trouble.
- Other BBS rules also apply.
- To join, post here and state how many points you have at the time of posting. If you join the forum during the posting blitz, post to join, but you'll be starting from the default 50 points.
- The person with the most points gained by the end of the blitz wins.
- Posting/posting in specific threads and events will net you extra points! So will referring people to the forum who also join in.

Current settings are:
- A post gets you one point (or dollar).
- Making a new thread gets you three!
- Other things like referrals (ie having people mention your username when they join the forum), contributing to a poll, etc gets you points by the system as well.

What can I do with points?

You can buy neat things from the Shop system we have. This includes buying your own shop, where you can then offer things to people (e.g. traded Pokemon via the games, a review on their art or story, a banner, etc) for points!

How to join

Just make a post here giving your intention to take part and include your current points score when you make the post. We'll take it from there. We're going by points gained during this time period, so how many you have beforehand doesn't matter. If you wish to make things easier and list things that you feel would get you more points as well you can do that too in your post (which you can edit anytime).

Extra Points

Note these will be manually added by myself, so they will not come into effect when you make these posts at first.

Contributing meaningfully to Magazine threads nets you two extra points each post.

Posting new threads in Writing, Art or Other Creations sections (e.g. a story, or Let's Play, etc) gets you 6 points rather than 3. Posting meaningful reviews for work also gets you three points as opposed to one. And an addition to the Fandex also gets you an additional 5 points per submission not already there.

Events may also come with their own bonus point prizes - see the respective threads for more details. The more events you join, the more points you'll gain!

Points gained from Achievement Hunters during the period also count towards the final score here. If you use the system to get achievements (and a bunch are pretty easy to get!), you're going to be at the top, and have fancy achievements too!

Referring new people to the forums that join in this thread get you a bonus 50 points on top of the 100 for referring people (that is, they join and state your username when registering).


These are still being sorted out. If you'd like, post what you think you should get! This can vary from fancy profile things, extra points to be used in a system, the ability to host your own forum event of some kind, and so forth.

Good luck to everyone!


Events will include (links coming when they start):
- BBS Mafia! Play a game of mafia and try to find the killer. Or if you are the killer, try to kill everyone else.
- Writing prompts and drabble thread! Write up a story/drabble based on themes!
- Art prompts! Draw something based on a theme!
- Battling thread! Fight each other by telling your Pokemon to attack their Pokemon!

Bonus points yet to be fully accounted for

An-chan [968] --> [993]
Bay Alexison [Started with 469] --> [648]
bobandbill [Started with 1705] --> [1929]
Jax [Started with 507] --> [549]
Slayr [713] --> [722]

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  Achievement Hunters!
Posted by: Jax - 16th Aug 2014, 10:13 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Ladies and gents and others, the folks on The BBS staff would like to present for your enjoyment a brand-new activity: Achievement Hunters. Yes, that forum you've been seeing at the top of the list for months is finally populated and open for use, and that use is you get to do awesome things and get awesome awards for doing them. Check it out! Be awesome! Post and get profile swag!

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  Open Writers Call for Wynaut Magazine!
Posted by: Bay Alexison - 12th Aug 2014, 01:40 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (3)

Are you a fan of Pokemon ? Do you want to write a feature from the games, an analysis on certain themes from the anime, or a mock interview with a character? Then the Wynaut? Magazine is the perfect place for you!

Not sure how to contribute? Here’s a short guideline on the article writing process. Basically you post your idea in the Wynaut Magazine Workshop section of the BBS Forums, some people will come to approve and offer suggestions on your idea, you start a draft, and the article gets editing suggestions from others before finally being published.

Once you contribute (planning/editing/writing) to five separate published articles, you get a Wynaut? Contributor Rank! You need to have written a good amount of an article or constructive critique and then PM an admin so they can check if you met the requirements! With that usergroup you get a purple username and more starts in your posbit.

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  Staff Changes
Posted by: Jax - 3rd Apr 2014, 07:44 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

In order to speed things up and heighten productivity within the staff, we've restructured the staff hierarchy. What this means is that staff positions really are staff positions: each staff member has been assigned specific tasks or areas of focus, based on their activity, interests, and talents. (THESE ARE NOT DEMOTIONS.)

Here are the new available positions and brief descriptions of each title to give you an idea of who to field your questions to.

Global Moderators are people in charge of the general forum and community. They are best with either backend work (e.g., layouts, plugins, maintaining the board on a technical level), or they display an active interest in The BBS as a whole. They set and enforce the board-wide rules, create forums, maintain forums that do not have moderators, and handle our member queue or problematic members. In a way, they've only changed a little from their original title as administrator, except they're equals to forum moderators in cases where one exists. (See below for further explanation.)

Forum Moderators (shown on the Forum Team listing as Moderator) are people in charge of specific forums. They've displayed an active interest in particular areas of the board and come bearing ideas for how to keep those areas active. As such, they're basically given a lot of room and power to maintain activity on the board, including standard mod powers and the freedom to develop contests, sticky threads, and even new areas for their sections if necessary. (Note: Yes, technically, they work closely with global mods in order to add forums to their sections or set up prizes, but that's only due to technical restrictions. On their specific forums, they're basically treated the same way as global mods and have the final say in pretty much anything that happens.)

Media Moderators do not have mod powers on the board (except more abilities to manipulate the calendar than any other forum group and access to the staff forums), but they do have administrative abilities on one or more of our off-board websites, including Wynaut?'s WordPress blog, the official BBS Tumblr, and the official BBS Twitter. Think of them as forum moderators but not on the forums. In an even briefer nutshell, media moderators are in charge of our advertising materials. They not only run our blog queues, but they also draft our ads and/or design our ad graphics in order to maximize our visibility to the Pokémon fandom.

You'll notice that I did not mention anything about super moderators. This is because the title of super moderator has been retired on The BBS thanks to the way our new hierarchy works (i.e., function over rank). To put it in short, if you have questions about the general BBS, field them to global moderators. Questions about specific forums go to forum mods, and questions about our off-site websites go to our media mods or global mods, depending on who's in charge. (Media mods will be assigned to websites based on the same criteria as forum mods: they display interest in specific outlets. Currently, our only media mod is Bay Alexison, who is in charge of our official Tumblr.)

Staff promotions to any of these positions work just the same as they did before. In order to be promoted, you must not only display an active interest in The BBS, but you must also be creative, honest, hard-working, and responsible. Additionally, if promoted, new staff members begin in the forum or media moderator groups but can be promoted to global mod based on skill level and interest in the board. Currently, due to our overall active member count, we are not looking for new staff members, so if you're hoping to make it to staff someday, be awesome and do your best to make The BBS active and awesome.

Thanks for reading, and good luck to the rest of the reorganized staff!

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  The BBS Rules: Readme.txt
Posted by: Jax - 8th Mar 2014, 06:00 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Posting Rules
1. Do not spam. Spam includes off-topic or pointless messages (such as posts about potato chips in threads about Pikachu) or creating threads solely to advertise a product or website. Please limit advertising of personal websites to your signature. Discussions of personal websites should be done in Other Creations for the purpose of seeking feedback.

2. Do not post shocking or disturbing content. This includes porn, graphically violent images, links to shock sites/screamers, offensive material, etc. Please be mindful of the fact that while we are not specifically rated R or PG-13, there are minors viewing these forums.

3. Do not double/multipost. As in, if you just posted in a thread, do not create a new post to add additional content. Please use the edit button.
- EXCEPTIONS: All creative threads (e.g., fic threads, art threads) are exempt from this rule for content creators. Meaning, if you are an author, an artist, or so forth either replying to a review or posting new content, it is completely fine to double-post.

4. Do not flame or troll members. Do not send messages that are hateful, sexually explicit, threatening, abusive, and so forth. Respect your fellow members, be it via profile notes, PM, or public.

5. Do not upload illegal content to the board. Do not post ROMs, music, and so forth. You may link to places such as YouTube, but ROM websites are a flat no.

6. Do not post drama. This includes threats to leave, threads dedicated solely to accusing fellow members of wrongdoing, threads dedicated to fighting with other members, and demands for staff to be demoted. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in a banning (for threatening to leave) or warnings (for everything else). Should more than one member be involved with the drama, warnings will be handed out to everyone. Please keep any issue you have towards other members private. Use the PM and report abuse systems to contact mods if you feel that you’re being attacked or if someone is making you uncomfortable. But please do not make those issues public.
- If you feel harassed by staff or if staff is making you feel uncomfortable, please consult an admin. The whole point is that making issues like these risks causing flamewars to happen or encourages a toxic atmosphere.

7. Do not stalk other users. In general, just please don’t make people feel uncomfortable.

8. Do not plagiarize. Do not post content that is not yours, and do not claim content that is not yours as being your own creation.
- If you feel that you have been plagiarized, please let us know by filing a post report or speaking with staff. We apologize if this happens, and we will do our best to resolve it quickly.

9. Please place warnings at the top of creative threads if your content contains common triggers. Please warn for flashing images in an art thread, for example. You might also warn for self-harm, suicide, rape, or so forth in either fic or art threads. Please use your best judgment to avoid making others feel triggered or unsafe browsing The BBS.

Reporting Guidelines
1. When reporting, click the button that reads “report” in the bottom right-hand corner of each post. Write up a post as detailed as possible and hit send. Please do not mini-mod, or create a post exclusively to tell someone else that they broke a rule. This falls under spamming because it’s off-topic discussion.

2. If someone is harassing you via PM or profile notes, please take a screenshot and send it to a mod. We cannot take action unless we see exactly what you mean.

3. If a mod is harassing you, please follow the same steps as the above.

4. Please note that we may not respond to post reports if we don’t believe a rule is being broken. If you don’t see an action being taken after a day, please feel free to ask us about your report. We will tell you whether or not we took action, what that action was, and why. If you feel our ruling wasn’t appropriate, feel free to respond to us then to let us know.

Signature Rules
1. Please keep signatures at a sane length. Do not make the page stretch, and do not create signatures so large they take up a full page.

2. Signatures, avatars, profile pics, etc must not contain offensive or violent material, including blood/gore and nudity.

3. Do not link to offensive material, including but not limited to pornographic websites and screamers.

4. If your signature uses images or other material created by someone other than you (regardless of whether or not they're members of this website), credit must be given to the original creator.

Punishment System
For most rules, you may receive a warning. Instant banning (banning before you accumulate an insane amount of warnings or infractions) will be handed out to any member who harasses others, join exclusively to advertise (i.e., are obvious spambots), or those who generally generate a toxic environment on the forums. So please post sanely and safely.

Please also note that if you receive a warning or infraction for any of the above rules, the mod's word in that case is final. While we try to be as friendly as possible, if you do find yourself on the receiving end of a mod warning, chances are, it's extremely clear that a rule break has happened. So please remember that the rules exist for a reason (namely to create a fun, comfortable atmosphere for everyone) and that when someone tells you to stop doing something, chances are, you shouldn't be doing that thing.

Thank you and enjoy your stay on The BBS!

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  State of the BBS: 2014
Posted by: Jax - 20th Jan 2014, 02:31 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

So as some of you might've noticed, we're going through a slight remodeling of The BBS in order to hopefully attract new members. Phase I is already underway with a reorganization of the board directory to make things easier to find and give us more space on which to chat. Threads have not been deleted from the old forums; they're simply in the process of being shuffled into the most appropriate forums. Let us know if you can't find something you're looking for, though!

Moreover, you can expect new ideas to come to The BBS, including a doc swap program for writers, a forum dedicated to rewarding you for fandom-ish experiences, and hopefully the final form of our board-wide game. We're also looking to revitalize the Fandex, bring back Forum Games, and offer up shiny new rules (yes, we're actually going to have them) to help out your BBS experience.

In short, you're about to see quite a few changes happening around here, so stay tuned!

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  Wynaut? Contributor Rank Requirements
Posted by: bobandbill - 16th Jan 2014, 01:20 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

This was discussed ages ago, and after some discussion between staff here are official guidelines for obtaining the usergroup of being a Wynaut? Contributor. This'll be mentioned in the Rules too.

Luckily, they're very simple. You need to have significantly contributed to five separate published articles. By that, you need to have been involved in the article planning/writing/editing process, by say giving a good amount of constructive critique, OR writing a significant amount of the article. That means saying 'looks good! :)' on an article thread, or writing just one sentence that gets used, won't count.

If you feel that you have satisfied those requirements, you are free to PM an admin who'll go and check, and if they agree they'll add you to the usergroup. Perks of the usergroup are a purple username and more stars in your postbit, but there are no additional abilities on the forums (e.g. closing threads).

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