About The BBS Fandex

The BBS Fandex is a collection of fanworks of all Pokémon characters, people and fire-breathing creatures alike. Anyone can contribute to the collection here, anyone can view it, and anyone can comment. What makes it different from other collections is our aim to also credit all the artists and authors out there who put out these awesome pieces of work for other people's enjoyment.

Sadly with the likes of sites such as Tumblr, credit is not often given to the creator when people re-blog something cool they found. Sadder yet, across multiple websites people go as far as to claim art or stories as their own work, and try to grab the glory. To steal other people's work is a low act, and for those who are victims it can be a rather off-putting experience.

That's why all contributions here are required to not only name the creator, but to link back to the original source of the image. This also allows you to check out further work by a creator if you want to check out more of their stuff.

What's in the Fandex?

Pictures (from sketches to paintings), stories (from drabbles to epics), music files (e.g. mp3s) and movie files (including flash animations). If you want to upload a fanwork that is in a file format not currently permitted, let us know and we'll see what we can do about it!

Uploading Fanworks

To begin, you need to make an account on the site by following this link. After activating your account, use the Upload button or follow this link to upload files. Any contributions must be saved to your local harddrive first in order to upload them. All contributions currently require mod approval to become visible as well.

Select the album you want to contribute to. For instance, if it's a picture of a Bulbasaur, select 1st Gen and below that Bulbasaur. If, say, the picture also has a Caterpie in that, you can either submit the work to that category as well by filling in the tags field (e.g. Bulbasaur; Caterpie), or later resubmit the work to that category. Hit browse to upload the file, and then the continue button below.

Next, you need to fill in some information. Besides titling the picture and providing an optional description, you must fill in the 'Creator' (e.g. a username) and 'Original URL' fields (i.e. where the original image comes from specifically - so not just, say, 'www.deviantart.com'). Also, you must name the creator in the description field (e.g. 'The prettiest bulbasaur. By bobandbill'). Read on if you're not sure how to find out who the creator is.

After that, hit the 'Apply Changes' button, and you're done! Note that your submission will not show up until a mod has approved it. We may make edits to the text fields as well.

How do I find out the original creator?

Good question! Sometimes it is not always possible to tell, but there are a number of methods out there.

For images, one is Google's Reverse Image Search. A full tutorial exists on that webpage, but the general gist is that you give google an image (or simply a url for the image), and it will return a bunch of related images, many of them likely to be the exact same one. You can then find out where the source for the image comes from. Other tools like this can also be found from a simple google search.

For other media, it can be trickier. We can always try and help out with tracking down the source if you ask in the forums.

What if it's my own work that I'm submitting, and I haven't posted it anywhere else?

That's perfectly fine! You just need to make this clear in the description for the file, and we'll verify it upon moderator approval of your submission.

My work is on your site, and I don't want it here.

That is quite understandable. If this is the case, please get in contact with us, and upon verification we shall remove your work and make a note of it for any future submissions as well.

I have another question!

Try posting them in the forum section, and we'll try our best to help out!