Full Version: The updates and maintenance thread!
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Hey guys! I need to make you all aware of forum software updates and downtime for maintenance, so they'll be added in this thread. You may wish to subscribe to the thread so you're aware of downtime.

I need to do a software update today within the next couple of hours. The forum will be deactivated for up to half an hour while this is taking place. I will update this post once the update from 1.6.7 to 1.6.8 is completed.


Edit: Today's upgrade to 1.6.8 was a success! Please let me know in this thread if you experience any quirks.
I really need to do a security update to the board (taking us from v1.6.8 to v1.6.9), so I will do so in a few hours' time. Hope this is okay with everyone.

I don't anticipate more than a few minutes of downtime, but you know the drill!

Edit: After an immense amount of trouble, we're up and running again. Sorry for the inconvenience.
The site is due another MyBB patch so I need to schedule in a time for that. I'm currently thinking a couple of hours in the middle of the 22nd September since I've got a pretty busy month other than that! If this interferes with anybody's event plans, please let me know before then.

(Ideally I'll do it early morning/midday UK time when most of you American peoples - the majority of our users - are still asleep or still dragging yourselves out of bed. Pleased)
In other news, I had exciting news from my hosts yesterday! I've been on their Rampage* server pretty much ever since I got my hosting account with them (I think that's about five or six years) and they're now moving the shared hosting people from Rampage and the other oldies to a brand new server!

Evohosting Wrote:Dear Kelly,

The time has come for some of our older servers to join AOL discs and Netscape in the Internet graveyard, so we will be migrating your hosting account(s) to faster new servers.

The new servers use SSDs instead of regular hard disks for the operating system and MySQL, which will significantly speed up disk operations. They also feature 64bit operating systems and 48GB of RAM, which will be used primarily for caching regularly requested data.

The specifications for the new servers are:

- 64bit Operating System
- Next generation CPUs/Chipsets
- 48GB RAM
- Multiple RAID1 Units
- MySQL and operating system on SSD with extra caching
- Tmp as ramdisk

We expect to see everything running much faster on the new setup.

This migration will begin the first week of October. You will receive another email later this month with the exact date we will move your hosting account(s), as well as your new details.

All the best,

Evohosting Team

I'm excited because I've been wondering about the performance of the forum lately. It's hard to tell because my home ADSL is pretty slow due to where I live (and keeps putting itself into interleaved mode, which is just terrible, haha) and my laptop is over five years old, but today I'm on my boyfriend's 20Mbps+ ADSL and it's still creaking along a bit.

So, I'll let you know when exactly that's happening! I don't think there should be too much downtime, but you never know.

* All of their servers have awesome names; check the bottom right of this page!
Cool! To be honest, I never really noticed of the forums were slow. My internet is slow as it is, so I never really took note. I think it would be cool to see just how quickly these new servers work. Please let there not be too much downtime!

On another note, those other server names are awesome!
I'm hoping we'll see performance improvements from the fact that they'll be putting the databases on solid state drives (traditional drives are mechanical and therefore limited by the fact that the moving parts have an upper speed limit), since databases can quite often be the bottleneck on forum software. There will be caching of commonly requested pages - hopefully that'll be most of the bones of the forum if we have enough traffic. :) So I hope there is a speed improvement because it sounds like it!

I don't know if you guys use Twitter, but you can follow @The_BBS and I usually update from there if/when the forum is down for maintenance or upgrade. :)
Hi everyone,

Many of you will have noticed the recent downtime. Long story short, it was a hardware issue in the hosting datacentre, as far as I'm aware, and it seems to have affected the network in some way. While the hardware problem was resolved within 48 hours of the outage, some visitors would have had issues accessing the board on its address since there were DNS (domain name system) propagation issues afterwards. This just means that it takes some service providers a little longer than others to update their records after a change. You won't believe how often I see it happen with IMDb!

Anyway, apologies on behalf of the hosting company. Can't believe it happened during the launch of X/Y!

I wanted to add that I have news on the previous discussion about the server move. Evohosting have scheduled that for us on the 21st October. I can't stop them from moving us (and I probably won't, since there's really no sense in that), but it will mean another short DNS outage which could mean you can't access the site for another day or two depending on your service provider's DNS updating.

If you have a Twitter account, please consider following @The_BBS on Twitter so I can keep you updated during the upgrade.

Any questions, fire away!
Quote:If you have a Twitter account, please consider following @The_BBS on Twitter so I can keep you updated during the upgrade.
We have a twitter account? I keep forgetting about that.

I know it automatically posts links to new threads from here, but is there any way to have it pick up updates to the magazine automatically...?

And alrightly, I try to keep the 21st being out in mind then.
The Twitter account uses RSS so I don't see why I can't add another feed to it! I'll have a look at that now. :)

Edit: All done!

I'll make another post closer to the time about the date so we're all reminded. Thanks!
Hello everyone! I need to do a large software update to the board - I'm away next weekend so I won't be able to do it then, so I'll need to do it during the week, in the evening when I'm home from work.

Those of you who weren't aware, I'm on the GMT (London) time zone - so, for reference, for most of you I'm 5-8 hours ahead (of North America).

I understand the board is picking up activity a bit more again so I'm sorry to have to do it during this period, but we need to stay up to date to keep the site secure and keep my hosting company happy. Hope that's cool with everyone! Let me know.
I never did do an update, so this is a quick message to tell you I'm about to do one. I'm in the middle of taking a full backup. Sorry for the short notice, but it's not been done for a while and I've finally found time to do it.

The upgrade will be done between now and midnight (British Summer Time/GMT+1) tonight and the board will not be down for more than an hour. The board will be in maintenance mode for this period with the usual messages. You are welcome to email me on or tweet me on @The_BBS if you have any questions during the maintenance window. Thanks!

Edit: Update complete! Please let me know if you see any weirdness. It was a minor release so everything should be fine.
Hey guys! I need to do an update to MyBB 1.6.15 at some point to tide us over until we're ready to go to MyBB 1.8. Given that the posting blitz is over, I'm gonna assume I'm okay to do this at any point over the next few days. I'll keep you updated via the Twitter as usual. Thanks!

Update: The board is all upgraded to MyBB 1.6.15 now - I'm sure myself and/or the other staff will keep you updated on the forthcoming upgrade to 1.8 Gold!
Finally upgraded the forum to MyBB 1.8 and it went a lot better than I was expecting!

You can still use the default Wynaut theme (I had to force it on everyone since I remade all the old themes and then deleted them), the Sentret & Furret theme, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire themes, and two new Sun and Moon themes! Have fun. I'm sorry there's not a huge amount of variation but I think they look good and the white on black posts are really easy on the eye.

I'm still updating and re-enabling plugins, so please be patient, but it might be that some of the old features we had are no longer supported; if that's the case, I will try to give points as reimbursement for loss of functionality where possible.