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Because late night ideas are always the best ideas. Colonu

Just for a bit of fun - come up with a caption for the following image!

[Image: BU7gyU5CMAAbOkA.png]
My stunning contribution:

"And this, good sir, is why I like big butts."
(24th Sep 2013, 02:34 PM)bobandbill Wrote: [ -> ][Image: BU7gyU5CMAAbOkA.png]

"Yes, there's a game guide for Tetris."

Not great, but oh well haha.
"No, see, you're supposed to catch them with these balls here."
"But I wanted the pink one..."
"This button prints the money."
(27th Sep 2013, 01:10 PM)Iento Wrote: [ -> ]"This button prints the money."
I think this is my personal favourite thus far, haha.

Maybe, if people want, this could be a roughly-weekly thing? Other people can offer their own pictures too, on that note.
I think this would be a fun weekly thing. I'm for the idea. As far as pictures go, I'll have to look around a bit to find one that suits this.
I'm straight, but that dude can press my buttons any time.
[Image: ylRvqv7.jpg]
Might as well go with that image then! Cheers for offering one up.

'Sitting room only'
(3rd Oct 2013, 08:49 PM)Evanmastr Wrote: [ -> ][Image: ylRvqv7.jpg]

Extreme musical chairs
(3rd Oct 2013, 08:49 PM)Evanmastr Wrote: [ -> ][Image: ylRvqv7.jpg]

"♪Do you hear the people sing?♪"

"Nope, who could hear anything through that barricade."
"Chairs rushed to be first in line when the new book, "Night-light" was released"


"After fruitless negotiations, the chairs eventually went on strike and forced the management to comply with their demands by barricading the main offices off"
"Does it count if I try and caption my own picture... Meh I don't really give a SIT"
"It was a scramble signing up for the SATs."
"They're all Modern Dutch. Looks like nobody's heard of Victorian."
Well crap, I've got nothing. I've been thinking about this for the past couple days and I couldn't think of something funny. I'll just throw a vote in for Bobandbill's "Sitting room only."
[Image: tumblr_mrw13gyuuz1qdtw9eo1_500.png]

(Can't believe it's been NEARLY THREE MONTHS since bobandbill's chair picture, have another to caption if you'd like :D)
'Remember, Tails, don't trust anyone wearing hats!'

'That's no good'
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